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The beaches of Bosa

Arriving at Bosa along the coast road for Alghero, the first beach is after Capo Marargiu.

The beach of Porto Managu, situated in front of the homonymous little island, is the first real beach of Bosa which can be reached by a dirt road, not indicated en route, on the right near a wide open space.

A little further along is a slightly hidden flight of steps which leads to Cala Compoltittu, which has a little beach and some large flat rocks on which it is possible to sun-bathe. The descents to the beaches are interrupted here for about 3-4 kilometres approximately.

A small parking area indicates the presence of the beach called "Tentizzos" which is a pebble beach and flat rock area. Another parking space along the road indicates the beach called "The Argentine Tower beach". It is an easy to reach inlet, lying in a many-coloured coast which, morphologically, presents stretches of rocky area, pebbles and sand.

The immaculate sea dephts around the tower give the sea its intense blue colour in strong contrast with the candid rocks, thus making it one the most suggestive corners of the coast.

After about two kilometres is the spiaggia of S'Abba Druche, which is the most popular beach area to the north of the village.

It's an equipped beach, not recommended for those people who prefer solitary bays, but, from this beach it's possible to take a pathway (30 minutes to the south) which leads to Cala Rapina which on the other hand is extremely secluded.

At the entry to Bosa a croass-road, going to left, goes to the village whilst going to the right to the quarter of Sas Covas. Going beyond Ponte Nuovo over the Temo River you come upon the Tower of the Isola Rossa, from which stretches out the long beach of Bosa Marina.

During the summer months these beachs are literally invaded by local people and tourists alike, thanks to its dimension, its clear water and its vicinity to the village centre of Bosa.

Along the road to Tresnuraghes is the beach of Turas, the last lido of the municipality of Bosa. The road then continues in the beach of Porto Alabe.