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Under the sea of Bosa

 Below the sea surface not far from the coastline of Bosa an explosion of colours can be the dressing for many activities: shoals and walls rich of red coral reefs are infact ideal places for a submarine itinerary at various  depths ranging from 5 to 50 metres.

The ancient volcanic origins of these places contributed to the creation of what can be now called the "Eden" for scuba divers.

The coastline up to the promontory of Capo Marrargiu is a charming site where to practise snorkeling among many coves, rocky tables, and reefs hosting some rare samples of griffin vultures.

Submarine caves have been also carved by the mechanical rhythm of the waves.

These caves can be explored even at easy dephts and rich emotions are always guaranteed. Along about 70km of coastline, Bosa can offer its clients many kinds of submarine environments: shoals, reefs full of coral, fields of posidonia, submarine caves, karstic grottos and sea wrecks.